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You load 16 tons... and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. No No No 'Donny Two Scoops'... clean coal is NOT gonna put America back on track for jobs and energy independence. There is no such thing as clean coal. BTW this is one part of the speech that POTUS actually wrote himself. Do we need any further proof that the President of the United States is not just a grifter and a con man but is truly a low level moron? Go ahead... Take the Red Pill.
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"Vince McMahon announced today the return of the XFL, hinting according to some that he would like it to be an all-white league and that he might even give a franchise to Donald Trump who has been rebuffed by the NFL, for the promotional value it would bring to the new league.

Jeff Sessions took so much money from RJ Reynolds tobacco company during his 1996 run for the senate that he was legally required to give much of it back. His proclamation that there was no proof that tobacco had ever harmed anyone is quite memorable. Don't know if they're paying him now to try to destroy the budding marijuana industry or not. This is an opinion site... not a news site.
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Turns out Donald T Rump use to try to have sex with his friends wives by calling them up and recording the conversations where he'd entice them to talk about other women and bad mouth their wives and them play the tapes to the wives. So much winning.

What America needs now is a new Mr Rogers for grown-ups. Somebody to tell us that we're ok. That we should just be who we are. And we should just go to our happy place. And that if we are really lucky... Sean Hannity will be dead soon and won't be able to make it to Rupert Murdoch's funeral.
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A certain official has been relieved of his post for calling out the president's cheating at golf. Silly goofball deserved it. Everyone knows it's not cheating if you own the course. You own the course, you make the rules.

Here I sit inside and warm while outside it is very very cold. I have but one question for the American news media. How long do you intend to go on with the normalization of Donald J Trump? To act as if the insane moronic rantings of a bigot, pathological liar, Russian money launderer and narcissistic con man are business as usual in America. To quote MLK "How long must we wait?" Let us hope the answer is the same... "Not long."
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There is little doubt about who Donald Trump is, the harm he has done already, and the greater harm he threatens. He is unfit to hold any public office, much less the highest in the land. This is not merely an orthodoxy of the opposition; his panicked courtiers have been leaking word of it from his first weeks in office. The President of the United States has become a leading security threat to the United States.

Apparently the White House staff has been ordered to compile a list of 'shithole' countries from which immigrants can be denied entry. So far it includes Haiti and most of Africa. President says he wants more immigrants from Norway. Fore!
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Think of it like this: Say you took a gigantic white sheet the size of a city and draped it over that city... the sheet would form the shape of the buildings and trees and traffic lights and cars... now say you starched the sheet so that it became rigid and pulled it away and placed it in a field in the middle of nowhere... you can still clearly see the buildings and cars and light posts and stuff... because the sheet took the form of these things, even though the sheet is a single "thing". Thingness itself is an illusion, just like it is on that giant sheet, all of the buildings outlined in that sheet are fundamentally connected by the "fabric"... in reality everything is fundamentally connected as well, and the "fabric" is the quantum mechanical field that gives rise to all of reality. Thingness is a concept that we make up to distinguish regions of this field that are significant to us solely because of our method of sensory perception... all of reality is a single "sheet". --- WHOA! --- think about that.

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